How The Danger Booth is Changing Event Headshots

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Hot lights, an impatient photographer, and a line of people with eyes fixed squarely on you – only one word describes event headshots – intimidating.


But what if getting your headshot was not only a comfortable experience, but quick and convenient with high-quality images delivered in seconds?


The Danger Booth is an Orlando photo booth company that’s changing the game on event headshots with their usage of compact photo booths instead of a traditional photographer. Since 2014, they’ve specialized in delivering high-quality headshots at scale with their photo booth Headshot Lounge.


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A headshot is a digital emissary. It’s your way to instantly communicate who you are, demonstrate professionalism, and inspire new connections. Professional events are great venues for event headshots because attendees are already in the right mindset and attire to participate.

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With The Danger Booth’s photo booth headshot lounge, you can snag four fresh headshots in under one minute. Their attentive headshot coaches ensure you’re hitting flattering poses, straightening glasses, and brushing aside that stray strand of hair. Delivery is instant with only an email address or phone number. Even the busiest event attendee has time to take a new headshot.


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With a photo booth headshot lounge, there are many opportunities for customization and branding such as a custom color backdrop, email sent with delivery, and interface screens. The Danger Booth’s headshot lounge can be sold as a valuable sponsorship opportunity or positioned as a high-quality attendee perk.

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For event professionals, offering a headshot lounge is a way to delight event attendees, create opportunity for user generated content, and fuel event-led growth. For companies hosting internal events, a headshot lounge is a way to boost employee engagement, facilitate brand cohesion, and create employer brand assets that help attract top talent.

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Photo booth headshots are the next evolution of event headshots – the small footprint, high-quality images, engaging experience, and instant delivery make it a no brainer. Look no further than The Danger Booth for event headshot needs.


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The Danger Booth is an Orlando photo booth company specializing in headshots at scale for professional events. Contact them by visiting or emailing at



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