AdventHealth Health Hub: Get Your Immunizations

Protect your health. Get up to date on your immunizations.


AdventHealth is spreading the word about the importance of staying up to date on all your scheduled vaccines. Now is a great time to consult with your primary care provider to make sure you and your family members are fully immunized.

Adults and children need vaccines to reduce health risks. The types needed may depend on your age, health history or where you work and travel. From birth, timely vaccination helps provide immunity before children are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases. Vaccines are for everyone — even healthy people.


• Prevent serious complications and even death from certain infections.
• Be less likely to pass on infections to your close contacts.
• Don’t miss work or school because of sick time.
• Reduce your risk of getting sick when traveling.
• Save money on medical costs from illness.
• Spend more time enjoying life.
• Stay healthy and active.
• Take care of your family.
• Worry less about your risk of infections.


See your primary care provider and your child’s pediatrician to make sure your family is current on all your immunizations to protect them from avoidable illnesses including:


If you’re worried that you have missed some vaccines, it’s not too late. Your primary care provider can make sure you easily get up to date on the shots that are right for you.

Protect your health. Schedule an appointment with a primary care provider today by visiting

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