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Breast cancer is one of the most common diseases affecting women in the United States, according to the American Cancer Society. In fact, it’s the second-leading cause of death among women behind lung cancer. The good news is: breast cancer can be detected early while it’s still very treatable. The key is to arm yourself with the information you need to reduce your risk.

Know Your Risk

You have a higher risk of developing breast cancer if you meet any of the following risk factors:

• Over the age of 40
• Family history of breast cancer
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Environmental factors, including exposure to radiation
• Overweight or obese

Four Steps to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

• Begin an exercise program and be active at least three times per week.
• Follow a balanced diet including vegetables, fruits, whole-grain foods and plant-based protein. Avoid processed meats and high-fat foods.
• Do not smoke tobacco. Limit alcohol.
• Take steps to reduce stress, like daily meditation or yoga.

Mammograms: Your Best Defense

A mammogram is the most effective method for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. It’s a simple screening that allows your doctor to detect breast cancers, benign tumors and cysts before you can even feel them.

All women should begin screening for breast cancer at the age of 40. Depending on your family history or other factors, you may need to start earlier. Talk to your physician to determine what’s best for you. Trust the Leaders in Breast Care

AdventHealth specializes in state-of-the-art women’s screening and diagnostic imaging services that adhere to the highest national safety standards. Our goal is to provide every woman with the best lifesaving tools available to detect, diagnose and treat breast cancer. That’s why U.S. News & World Report has named AdventHealth one of the best hospitals in Orlando for cancer and women’s care. We strive to make it easy and convenient to get your mammogram with flexible appointment options, extended hours and multiple locations across Central Florida. Schedule yours today.

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