Typhoon Lagoon H20 Glow After Hours – 5 Reasons It’s Totally Tubular

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Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is once again aglow with the return of Disney’s H2O Glow After Hours event! With vibrant decor, a groovy DJ dance floor with Disney characters, and thrilling water attractions under the stars, the evening party is making quite the splash at the water park at Walt Disney World Resort.


The nighttime event runs through September 2 and allows families to enjoy a luminous tropical oasis three hours after the water park closes to day guests. The party kicks off at 8 p.m. and runs to 11 p.m., with gates opening as early as 6 p.m. It’s the perfect nightcap for families visiting Walt Disney World Resort.


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# 1 – You Have The Park To Yourself

Orlando magazine is no stranger to Typhoon Lagoon; we’ve been going since the park opened in the summer of 1989. We’ve seen our fair share of crowds and lines, but you won’t at H2O Glow After Hours. The event’s ultra-limited capacity ensures everyone gets a special float in the lazy river, rides are easy to get on, and going back in line for the same ride is a breeze. There are more concentrated areas with guests, like the wave pool and sandy beach, but it is still worlds away from a hot summer day’s typical capacity.

# 2 – Free Treats & Drinks

There are several (we counted at least 5) stations throughout the park where guests can grab free snacks and drinks. At one location, we had the choice between a classic Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Sandwich or Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar. There was also a fruit bar for those looking for a healthier, lighter option. Another station was handing out heaping tubs of hot, buttery popcorn to happy guests, and yet another offered a variety of fountain soft drinks. Typhoon Lagoon also has dozens of food and drink choices for purchase, like their glow mein noodle salad, which was equal parts fun and refreshing on a hot summer day.

# 3 – The Music 

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Do you like 1960s and 1970s dance songs with a mix of classic Radio Disney? if so, Typhoon Lagoon’s H20 Glow After Hours dance party is the perfect spot for you. If The Goofy Movie’s I2I and Stand Out are in your playlist, it’s a safe bet you’ll love this party.

# 4 – The Special Touches

Think neon lights, Disney-themed floats, dancers, special characters, and so much more. Many guests brought their own glow-in-the-dark or day-glow accessories (which we highly recommend).

# 5 – It’s Dark Outside! 

There is something incredibly special about being inside Typhoon Lagoon at night. It felt like 200 people had broken in to the park together for an epic, once-in-a-lifetime party for the ages. At some points throughout the night, everyone was singing the same song. EVERYONE.


Disney’s H2O Glow After Hours is a limited-capacity and separately ticketed event that does not require an additional day’s water park ticket or Disney Park Pass reservation. Tickets for the glowing after hours party can be purchased on The Walt Disney World Website.


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