Food & Drink: BACÁN

Unexpectedly artful with a seductive atmosphere!

Have you heard of BACÁN? BACÁN is Lake Nona Wave Hotel’s signature restaurant. Inspired by the bold flavors of the Americas, the hotel boasts hints of tropical influence. Centered around a dramatic open theater kitchen, this restaurant is full of energy and personality. We had a chance to try their latest Spring menu offerings. Here’s a breakdown of what we tried!

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From the moment guests walk-in, they’ll feel welcomed by a magnificent and eclectic, yet surrealist, mural featuring Pachamama, the Incan deity is revered as goddess-mother and giver of life. This show-stopping artwork teases what the kitchen will serve: Entrée’s that look like masterpieces! Experience unexpected bold flavors from all corners of the continent.

BACÁN at Lake Nona Wave Hotel


This upscale culinary journey will “WOW” you with stand-out dishes like the Whole Truffle Chicken Two Ways. This dish begins with brining the chicken overnight, next cooking it in truffle butter for six hours. The final dish is served two ways, roasted and fried. A true feast for your eyes and senses!

To set the mood for an unforgettable dining experience, try their signature cocktails like the Neptuna Fizz (Hendrick’s fresh lime, soda water, sliced cucumber) or the Basil Tai (rum haven coconut, flor de caña gold rum, tiki bitters, pineapple juice, lime, simple syrup, basil leaves). Both are delectable choices.

A must-try on the menu is the caviar. Served with accoutrements like corn blinis and saffron onions for a Latin American twist.

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A selection of small plates, including pork belly and cachapa, are standouts. The pork belly, elegantly plated inside a glass dome, comes tableside for added flair.

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The debut of Westholme Wagyu on the menu is a seasonal surprise this spring. A superb beef imported from the vast rangelands of northern Australia, this is a worthwhile splurge.

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BACÁN’s Chef, Guillaume Robin offers creative touches and thoughtful execution with dishes like the La Manzana. This beautiful and delicious dessert features apple whipped ganache with honey apple and ginger confit, ginger sauce, and a white chocolate crumble.

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Lake Nona Wave Hotel has introduced transformative dining experiences through BACÁN, HAVEN Kitchen, and HAVEN Lounge with Chef Guillaume Robin at the helm. Originally from Ploemeur, Brittany (France) Chef Robin has nearly two decades of international cooking in five-star kitchens under his belt. Now the executive chef at Lake Nona Wave Hotel, Robin is enthusiastic about leading the food and beverage teams in exceptional dining and service.

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Photo courtesy BACÁN Restaurant.


Book your table at BACÁN today and look forward to a memorable culinary experience. Reservations are strongly recommended!

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