Testimonials Page


Where’s a good solid old fashioned company when you need one with old fashioned values. Found them. Good old fashioned honest people that still believe in the customer is right and make things right. WPP will have my business for the length of time I’m here.

— Mona R.


I hate the competition in my industry for the most part and can’t stand businesses that brag about all the money they make. Our little city has a business meeting about 4 times a year and I got seated next to the biggest boaster in town. I do everything the opposite of him and have made a very nice living doing so. The other day he mentioned his credit card processor was a company called WPP. I found them. They didn’t nickel and dime me and offered easy to understand rates. It’s the first time in all my years of taking credit cards that I felt like I found a home. Love that Selena over there. The girls over there are great. Do yourself a favor and call WPP.

— Wendy K.


This is one of the hardest things to comprehend, but Payment Partners said they would lower my cost, and they did! It’s refreshing to have one long term relationship where you won’t get screwed

— Phillip H.

I own a very nice restaurant and have been dealing with merchant service people for the last 25 plus years. I’ve come to the realization that few if any are believable until I met the guys from WPP. They did what they said they would do and have been helpful each and every time I’ve called. These guys are on the ball and know what they are saying and doing. They have definitely cut out the BS. They are the ONLY company that I would strongly recommend.

— Alice B. from Washington

If you are looking for a merchant service company, look no more. Love WPP

— Eva J.