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Wholesale Payment Partners wants to help you increase your sales.  Many times customers would like to make a purchase, but put it off due to their current cash flow.  Paysafe Pay Later provides your business the opportunity to capture the sale, and offer your customer your products and services now, with immediate financing.   Best of all, the Pay Later program is absolutely no risk to you should the customer fail to make their payments.  You receive your money up front without the risk of charge-backs.  The cost to your customer is usually lower than traditional credit card interest. 

As a client of WPP, this loan program allows your customers financing options to pay for large expenses with confidence in a simple, affordable installment plan.  Your business can now offer an alternative payment method and keep the sale…and the customer!

You will be sent an Apple tablet, at no cost to you, pre-configured with your business information.  When you are ready to offer financing to a customer, you simply fill out a few fields, then hand the tablet to your customer to finish the application.  Approval usually only takes a few minutes.




  • Quick, simple customer application process
  • Installment payments from 3-24 months
  • No penalty for early pay-off
  • Lending up to $10,000 per customer
  • Available to most business types
  • Customer selects the best financing option that works for their individual budget


  • Merchant not liable for payments, or debt owed
  • Business is funded within 48 hours of loan approval
  • FICO score as low as 600 will be considered
  • Increase customer spending power
  • Manage unbudgeted expenses
  • Tablet provided free of charge for applications


We mentioned increasing sales, but the Pay Later program also helps create customer retention and loyalty by helping your customers buy your products they might otherwise put off. Don’t let your competition beat you to the sale!


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