Mobile Phone Processing


Going Mobile

You need the ability to accept card transactions on the go. Whether it’s trade shows, flea markets, or other events. To be able to accept a card on the spot that’s convenient and fast with an affordable cost means everything to you. We get it!

By setting up to be able to swipe/read cards face to face while on the go, you get added security from taking cards numbers over the phone, as well as lower card rates for transactions by using a card reader. In addition, the ability to read chip cards helps protects you against the possibility of fraudulent cards, and chargebacks.

You could drag around a wireless terminal at a greater cost, with a monthly wireless fee, but you already carry a phone around. All you need now is a mobile setup for your phone, and a compatible swipe/chip reader at a low cost. We can do that. That’s not the end of it though. You also get a back office for your card processing. You have the ability to setup recurring payments, print all your transactions by day, month, year, or download into an Excel or CSV spreadsheet to merge into your accounting program. Pull up customer information for email marketing, rerunning transactions, and a lot more.

Let us know what you need for your mobile processing, and we can show you how easy, and affordable it is to get set up with exactly the features you’re looking for.