Accepting Chip Cards


 Protecting Yourself by Becoming Chip Card Compliant

In an effort to reign in fraud in the credit card industry, the U.S. has adopted the EMVCO ® Chip Card security for processing credit and debit cards. The chip cards send a unique identifier for each transaction, making it harder to create fraudulent cards, and farm data, therefore reducing fraudulent transactions. Also, businesses that do not use chip card readable terminals will lose their ability to dispute charge backs from transactions when the card holder disputes the legitimacy of the charge.

Some card issuing banks also require a PIN to be entered by the card holder for credit or debit, as an additional security feature at the time of the transaction. Not all banks are requiring the PIN be entered, but as time goes on, more and more will do so. EMVCO ® chip card PIN pads can be utilized for convenience when making the terminal available to the customer is too cumbersome.