Setting Up a Website to Sell Your Products

You’ve invested time and money building the perfect website to display your products to consumers and now you want to be able to accept payments for online sales. You’ll need a Gateway to do that, and we partner with the best in the industry. From simply accepting payments, to controlling inventory, and employee schedules, whatever features you might need to help run your online store smoothly and profitably are available to you.

Accounting made easy. You have to ability to download all your transactions by day, month, year, into an CSV file, or Excel spreadsheet to merge with whatever Accounting program you’re using. You can even have your payments applied directly in QuickBooks.

Most Gateways aren’t limited to just e-commerce. Gateways can also be used to swipe cards in your store, or go mobile with phone, tablet, or laptop, eliminating the cost of an expensive wireless terminal, or freeing up counter space from a credit card terminal.

You also get a back office for your card processing. You have the ability to setup recurring payments, Pull up customer information for email marketing, rerunning transactions, and a lot more.

Let us know what features you’re thinking of, and we’ll show you how easy it works, and how affordable Gateways are these days.