Point of Sale System vs. Virtual Terminal

Point of Sale System vs. Virtual Terminal

POS System, or Virtual Terminal

You need more than just a credit card terminal, and are thinking of looking into a Point of Sale system. Most businesses don’t need all the features POS’s offer, or need a feature that’s not there by default, but is as an add-on. Some Virtual Terminals can be set up as a Point of Sale system a la carte, with just the features you need. so let’s look at Point of Sale System vs. Virtual Terminal.

As credit card processing evolves through the digital age, searching for the perfect Point-of-Sale system can be overwhelming.  The days of a single-option solution costing thousands of dollars on a POS system for small businesses are over.  Tablet-based POS systems are gaining in popularity.  Many allow the business to utilize their own iPad or Android device.  With an initial investment of only a few hundred dollars, this can be an attractive option to small business owners.  Most POS systems bill a monthly fee to access updates and support.

Better Benefits at a Lower Cost

Virtual Terminals now offer benefits that rival a powerful POS.  Virtual Terminals now allow you to accept cards in your brick and mortar store, online, or mobile!   Most offer swipe and chip card reader capability using USB, Bluetooth, or audio jack connectivity.  This allows processing directly through a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, backed by a powerful suite of support, data capture, and marketing solutions.  The monthly cost of most Virtual Terminals averages very low, with hardware costs ranging from $59 to $200, and has quickly become a feasible option for those who find the full POS system beyond the budget or needs.

Point of Sale System vs. Virtual Terminal Features

Both POS systems and Virtual Terminals allow you to accept cards, market to customers, and print reports.  Most Virtual Terminals also allow you to track inventory, link to QuickBooks, invoice customers, and many other features POS systems have.  At a fraction of the cost of a POS system, it is worth weighing a Virtual Terminal as an alternative to a POS system.  PCI scans are also easier and more cost efficient to troubleshoot with a Virtual Terminal.  It can truly save valuable time and dollars.

Virtual Terminals are not the solution for every business.  Before spending your valuable infrastructure budget on this important aspect of your business, research the features and benefits.  You may find that a Virtual Terminal meets your criteria.



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