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Your first and only stop for accepting credit card payments and other Merchant Services. We
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cards at the lowest cost possible.

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Payment Processing at Wholesale Rates

As a Merchant trying to maintain or increase your profits, one of the best ways available to you is to set up to accept credit card payments with wholesale rates on your merchant services account. Instead of a percentage added to every transaction, we simply pass through the wholesale cost of each card, with a small transaction fee, and a flat fixed monthly fee. Know what you’re paying each month for your merchant credit card payment processing services, instead of trying to figure out all the fees. Learn more…


Need Some Cash to Grow Your Business, Use Your Merchant Account!

There’s no need to jump through all the hoops banks make you go through, or get denied because your credit score doesn’t measure up to their requirements. You can use your own money through your Merchant Services account in an advance of your credit card sales. You can get funded for a lump sum of cash on your credit card processing  to use to grow your business. Approvals are usually the same day you apply. See Details Here;

Let us help you find the perfect solution to grow your business. If it’s in-store, on the web, or on the go, we can help! Click the links below for more information.


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The Clover Point of Sale System is the most advanced, secure, and reliable POS system available in today’s market.  The system is beautiful, sleek, and extremely customizable to your business.  From counter sales to mobile, in-store or on the road, it’s a complete front and back-end system that will help track and increase sales.  Whether debit cards, credit cards, gift or loyalty cards, or even checks, the Clover system will process your transactions quickly and smoothly, making this little powerhouse convenient for you and your customers.  Check out your options here.



Become a Partner for the Right Reasons

Our company is your one stop solution for all your Merchant Services needs.

Our company is your one-stop solution for all your credit card processing needs. Our partners benefit from wholesale pricing, regardless of business size.

A team of seasoned, smart pros!

Your partnership entitles you to a team of seasoned pros with decades of experience in credit card payments. From POS Systems to E-Commerce, and all types of transactions in-between, we’ll show you the best methods, and cost saving tips to help you grow your business.

Transparent and Affordable to Everyone

Cut out the salesperson, and middlemen. Setup to accept card payments directly with flat rate, wholesale pricing.

Become a Partner Today

Click to view our flat rate partner packages below. There are no set up cost, and you no longer have to guess at what you’re paying each month to accept credit cards. Once you’ve signed up, there will never be a rate increase for the life of your account.

Gift & Loyalty

Gift & Loyalty Cards are not just cards. They truly do gift you new customers and increase the loyalty of your existing customers, all the while increasing sales and bringing new customers to your business.  While very easy to set up, they are also rewarding customers, which keeps them coming back for more.  Whether you opt for plastic cards which continue to remain popular, and/or e-gift cards which are rapidly growing due to their convenience of use, you will also be increasing your name recognition.  Gift and loyalty cards also offer businesses a great marketing tool for notifying customers of sales events or products on sale through text or email.  Today’s gift card programs allow merchants to track sales, and most businesses find that unused cards far outweigh the cost of the program.  There are tons of options when setting up, from generic to custom artwork cards.  You maintain flexibility in your hardware with multiple devices to issue and redeem cards.  Whether it’s a credit card terminal, POS system, or most Android devices, you can quickly issue cards wherever you are. Ask us for details!


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If you are looking for a merchant service company, look no more. Love WPP

Eva J.

I own a very nice restaurant and have been dealing with merchant service people for the last 25 plus years. I’ve come to the realization that few if any are believable until I met the guys from WPP. They did what they said they would do and have been helpful each and every time I’ve…

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Where’s a good solid old fashioned company when you need one with old fashioned values. Found him. Good old fashioned honest people that still believe in the customer is right and make things right. WPP will have my business for the length of time I’m here.

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