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Meet Doc "Lucky" Meisenheimer, Owner and Director of Meisenheimer Clinic

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John (Lucky) Meisenheimer*, MD

Dr. Meisenheimer is a board-certified dermatologist, board-certified Mohs Surgeon, and owner and director of The Meisenheimer Clinic, where the Doctor sees all patients, and a human, not a computer, answers the phones. He has diagnosed and treated over 40,000 skin cancers as a skin cancer surgeon.


About the Doctor: Doc “Lucky” Meisenheimer is best known locally as a Mohs surgeon and dermatologist. However, in the swimming world, he is better known as the host of a daily open water swim, “Lucky’s Lake Swim,” which was proclaimed a Central Florida Historic Event in 2016 by the Historical Society of Central Florida. His daily swim has spawned several open water races where all proceeds go to charity. In addition, at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games hosted in Orlando, history was made as Lucky’s Lake Swim was the host site of their inaugural one-kilometer open water swim.

Community: For over 30 years, thousands of swimmers worldwide have joined Lucky in his daily morning swim, known simply as “Lucky’s Lake Swim.” The World Open Water Swimming Association ranks the swim as one of America’s Top 100 open water swims. Dr. Meisenheimer’s efforts have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for local charities. An American Swim Coaches Association Certified Level 5 coach. Doc Lucky was the Orange County Special Olympics Swim Team coach for 25 years. He continues to work with Special Olympics as a host site and sponsor for open water swimming. Dr. Meisenheimer is the Lake Cane Restoration Society president, a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization that works to keep Florida Lakes pollution-free. He was a founding member of the Orlando Underwater Hockey team and has served as a national team physician.

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