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Meet Adena Ajayi, Vice President and CEO of Ajayi Healthcare.



Vice President and CEO | Ajayi Healthcare

Adena Ajayi is the Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Ajayi Healthcare, a dedicated patient-care and healthcare management group. Patient care is offered through The Children’s Lung Asthma and Sleep Specialists, Women’s Sleep Center and Florida Pediatric Research Institute while auxiliary services come from Florida Medical Marketing and Scribe Office Support Services.

Adena moved to Orlando 20 years ago with her husband, Dr. Akinyemi Ajayi, with the goal of creating a high-level pediatric pulmonary and sleep medical company. An extensive background in marketing, initially as a marketing director in the entertainment world at Arista Records and then as a medical marketing manager for Bristol Myers Squibb in New York, helped guide her as they expanded the practice. The couple carefully grew The Children’s Lung Asthma and Sleep Specialists to serve children from the southeast to the southwest coasts of Florida, with offices located from West Palm Beach to Daytona Beach and from Ocala to Tampa, with multiple locations in Central Florida.

Realizing how difficult it has been to treat children with sleep disorders due to a lack of approved medications, Adena decided to become part of the solution by developing a pediatric clinical research company that conducts research into children’s sleep and asthma disorders. The Women’s Sleep Center was developed to cater to the unique needs of women with regard to sleep and the disorders associated with it and has been instrumental in improving the health of women locally.

Adena’s medical marketing firm specializes in increasing visibility and referrals for medical practices as well as managing continuing education programs for medical professionals. She believes strongly that all efforts should be made to maintain high levels of medical expertise, along with exceptional customer service, to make every patient experience the best it can possibly be.

Being a businesswoman has not distracted Adena from the work that she considers to be her biggest accomplishment: Raising, with her husband, their three girls to be strong, exceptional and kind women.


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