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Innovative Endodontics & Be Natural Aesthetics Center

Dr. Frances Ballagas is the first and continues to be the only female endodontist to become Board Certified by the Specialty in the Orlando Area. At Innovative Endodontics, Dr. Ballagas has been committed to providing state-of-the-art endodontic therapy using advanced technologies. All endodontic therapies are completed using surgical microscopes, CBCT 3D machines, NOMAD portable X-ray machines and we are proud to be the first to use the GentleWave endodontic procedure. The procedures and devices we use at Innovative Endodontics are conservative and emit the lowest possible radiation to ensure our patients receive the best care.

Throughout the past 10 years and with the rapid evolution of technology, Dr. Ballagas has been on a continuous journey that is committed to research, education and seminars to provide updated groundbreaking technology. Being the first in the Orlando area to step forward with GentleWave is a testament to her commitment of providing the best care to her patients. The GentleWave procedure provides a less invasive, efficient way of cleaning canals with minimal instrumentation. Dr. Ballagas always aims to find new approaches that provide a comfortable, effective and pain-free treatment.


“My goal has been to save teeth and break down the presumption that root canal treatments are painful, complicated, and unnecessary.” – Dr. Ballagas


After five years of helping patients with TMJ, headaches, Botox, and fillers, Dr. Ballagas founded Be Natural Aesthetics. Be Natural Aesthetics aims to help women and men feel better while looking great naturally. We use our motto “Enhancing your natural beauty” to respect the unique features of every patient. Dr. Ballagas has created and guided Innovative Endodontics and Be Natural Aesthetics to provide luxury service that aims on focusing on the person as a whole not just a tooth or face. We strive to provide a welcoming environment to ensure our patients feel relaxed and trust our services. We have a genuine desire to help every patient feel like family.


“I want to share with others what I have learned over many years; not only my skill but also my secrets to look, feel and stay the best version of yourself.” – Dr. Ballagas



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