Lora Parahovnik with Accel Research Sites Network: Women Who Move The City

Meet Lora Parahovnik, CEO of Accel Research Sites Network.



CEO | Accel Research Sites Network

When Lora Parahovnik joined the Accel Research Sites Network team in March 2020, no one knew that everything about the clinical trial industry was about to change. As the world wrestled with the COVID-19 pandemic, Lora and Accel Research Sites got to work, using it as motivation to drive the company, the industry, and public health as a whole forward. Lora is one of the few people in the world who has a combination of extensive experience in clinical research and executive management—and that was exactly what was needed as Accel and all of those in the industry worked frantically to find a solution to the deadly pandemic.

She was able to mobilize her team, pioneer new methods of recruiting massive numbers of patients and safely treating them, and quickly and accurately gather data that helped COVID vaccines gain Emergency Use Authorization and full FDA approval. Her incredible work led to her being the obvious choice for CEO just a year later. In that role, she has continued to lead discussions with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world to secure business in testing boosters, treatment options, and new formulations—in addition to other vital health trials.

This has led to amazing success for Accel, which recently added two new clinical trial sites in Central Florida to its roster of 25 spanning three states. The company has more than 200 employees and has seen revenues soar. Lora has done all of it while remaining deeply involved in the Central Florida community. She is an instructor at Valencia College and is a volunteer and mentor locally for the Residential Council on Aging, Teens Innovative Entrepreneurship Program, Orlando City Soccer Club, and more.

That’s what motivates Lora—the real faces of the community who benefit from her work and the work those at Accel Research Sites do. “Clinical trials make a difference,” Lora said. “At Accel Research Sites, we work hard every day to help the world prepare for the next health threat—so everyone in Central Florida and beyond can live their best, and healthiest, lives.”


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