AdventHealth Health Hub: What To Do About Hernias

AdventHealth offers solutions to this common medical condition.

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A hernia happens when an intestine, tissue or organ pushes through the weakened muscle wall that holds it in. Often, the muscle wall weakens from overexertion, like from heavy lifting, pregnancy, coughing or straining during a bowel movement. Hernias usually occur in the abdominal cavity — between your shoulders and hips — and are more common in men. Most importantly, hernias are very treatable with the right care.


Once a hernia grows painful and affects your everyday life, you’ll likely need surgery to repair it. At AdventHealth, hernia surgery is more advanced than ever, and through minimally invasive procedures, we can get you back to the activities you love sooner.

Our experienced surgeons repair hernias with robotic-assisted techniques — performed at every AdventHealth location — or laparoscopically with only a few tiny incisions. In these procedures, the hole in the muscle wall will be repaired while keeping the surrounding tissues safe.

Compared to traditional or open surgery, the minimally invasive hernia repairs performed by AdventHealth surgeons mean less scarring, fewer incisions and, best of all, a shorter recovery time for you.


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Our world-class surgeons at AdventHealth are dedicated to your whole-person health and quick recovery, offering the most advanced surgical procedures for hernias to help you heal faster. With multiple locations throughout Central Florida, you don’t have to go far for the care you need, and many of our providers offer virtual visits to help explain your next steps from the comfort of home.

If surgery is necessary, rest assured that your health is our top priority, and that you’ll be in good hands as your team follows the enhanced safety measures in place at every AdventHealth location.

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