AdventHealth Health Hub: What To Do If You Are Sick

Here are some helpful tips from AdventHealth for Central Floridians this holiday season.


We hope you stay well ahead this holiday season, but if you do start feeling under the weather, it’s important to get the right diagnosis right away to avoid serious illness.

If You Have Concerning Symptoms

Coronavirus, flu, colds and seasonal allergies come with similar early symptoms — it’s best to be tested as soon as possible to determine the cause. Visit your primary care provider or closest AdventHealth CentraCare. The physician will tell you how best to proceed. Many people with coronavirus only have mild symptoms. But, they can still infect others who might be more likely to develop serious health complications that can be life-threatening. To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, you should avoid the hospital emergency room except in the event of a true emergency.

When to Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Some people with COVID-19 develop severe symptoms that require immediate emergency care. Call 911 if you or a loved one develops any of the following symptoms.
• Bluish lips or face
• Confusion or inability to stay awake
• Ongoing chest pain or pressure
• Trouble breathing

When you call 911, tell the operator that you have or think you may have COVID-19.



Avoid Double Trouble

It is possible to have COVID-19 and the flu at the same time. Protecting yourself and your family from a serious respiratory illness is essential. Vaccines are available to prevent both flu and COVID-19.


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