AdventHealth Health Hub: The Beginner’s Guide To Avoiding Running Injuries

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Many people have taken to running outdoors as a way to change up their scenery, running on new roads and trails. For inexperienced runners, here are some tips to prevent running-related injuries:

Buy your shoes at a local specialty shoe store.Footer

Everyone’s foot is unique and there are many different types of running shoes that try to accommodate for them. Don’t be shy to ask the staff for assistance, they are there to assist as much as possible.

Consider starting with a running program at a physical therapy clinic.

This will help you discover what your running gait is, allowing you to know your flexibility or strength imbalances that may contribute to overuse injuries. With this information, you can find a movement pattern that helps you.

You should slowly increase your running distance over time.

Many new runners end up in a running clinic for significant pain that was developed from the later stages of running a marathon or half-marathon.

When you start running, you should mix it with lower impact exercises like swimming, cycling or rowing.

This will strengthen other muscles and lessen the impact on joints. Always remember the 10% rule: “Don’t increase the number of minutes (or miles) run by more than 10% each week.”

Hopefully, you won’t have any problems when you start running however, if you develop any problems, its best to see a sports medicine physician for evaluation. To learn more, visit





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